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    A note to door to door solicitors: Door to door commercial solicitors are allowed to canvass neighborhoods for their products or services from 10 AM to 9 PM as long as they have been issued and display the proper ID Badge issued by Strongsville. The City of Strongsville does require solicitors to apply for and have a photo badge issued and displayed at all times. If they don't have the badge, they are not legit


See below:

Strongsville City Ordinance Number  806.02    License and Identification Badge required

To download a permit form, Type into your browser:


Residents can also post a "No Solicitors" sign on their home. Just be aware, if you do choose to put one of these signs on  your door it will also stop all sellers including fund raising groups like Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts from selling popcorn or cookies.




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Pine Lakes 4th of July Parade




The crowd starts to gather for the parade

Congratulations to Beth Degirolamo and her good neighbors and friends for organizing and coordinating the Pine Lakes 4th of July Parade for 2008. Another year - another job well done!

The children decorated their bikes, scooters and wagons for the parade. See pictures below.

Strongsville's Police and Fire units were on hand to lead the parade. Even the K-9 dog was there!

The parade started at the corner of Forestview and Pine Lakes and traveled down Pine Lakes Drive to Lake Meadows and ended on Willow Circle, where everyone was treated to delicious snacks and refreshments. The children had the opportunity to sit in the Fire Truck and that made for a Kodak moment.

A special thanks to the Strongsville Police and Fire Department for coming out and leading the Pine Lakes Parade.


The DARE vehicle gets into position


The crowd is ready


Strongsville Police are getting ready


The crowd waits


Every body is ready


We are waiting


Last minute instructions


Preparing for the National Anthem


Start of the National Anthem


Salute to Colors

Even the K-9 is at attention


The DARE Car gets ready to lead the parade

Notice the lights




Motorcycle, K-9 Car, and DARE Vehicle start the parade


We are off to the parade


Pine Lakes Residents


Residents walking down Pine Lakes Dr.


This is the way to travel


Going down Pine Lakes Dr


Fire Engine traveling down Pine Lakes Dr.



Fire Engine is last


Everyone meet at Beth's House for refreshments


Come and get it


Parking permitted everywhere


Everyone help yourself


Plenty of snacks and treats to go around


Matching Hats


Enjoying the day


That included everybody



Fire Truck is last to arrive


Well almost last!


Traffic control for parade route


Future Fire Fighter


Relaxing on the 4th


Residents get to check out the Fire Truck


Inspection from front to back


This is one big truck


If you turn this valve


I can't wait to drive


This is the way to travel


Beth Degirolamo (second from right) and friends/neighbors pose for after parade picture.







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