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    A note to door to door solicitors: Door to door commercial solicitors are allowed to canvass neighborhoods for their products or services from 10 AM to 9 PM as long as they have been issued and display the proper ID Badge issued by Strongsville. The City of Strongsville does require solicitors to apply for and have a photo badge issued and displayed at all times. If they don't have the badge, they are not legit


See below:

Strongsville City Ordinance Number  806.02    License and Identification Badge required

To download a permit form, Type into your browser:


Residents can also post a "No Solicitors" sign on their home. Just be aware, if you do choose to put one of these signs on  your door it will also stop all sellers including fund raising groups like Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts from selling popcorn or cookies.




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Pine Lakes Easter Egg Hunt

March 22nd at the Clubhouse


The Easter Bunny and helpers get ready

Unfortunately the weather delivered our area about 4 inches of snow that morning. That forced the planned Easter Egg Hunt to be cancelled and alternate activities substituted. Fortunately, the planning group headed up by Anna Marie Futo, Carol Schuette, Angie Gromek, Karen Thomas and Martha Cromleigh had a back up plan in place.

About 50 children and their parents showed up in spite of the inclement weather.  At 12 O'clock everyone walked down to the clubhouse driveway entrance to wait for the Easter Bunny. The 'Nor Easter Bunny made his appearance for a meet and greet with the children. He posed for pictures there and then lead a parade up the driveway to the clubhouse.    

Since there was so much snow on the ground, the Easter Egg Hunt could not be held outside. Inside activities consisting of bingo and crafts for the children were substituted. Everyone brought  cookies and snacks to share. Fruit drinks were served to the children and coffee was provided for the adults. Prizes were given out and chocolate and candy filled eggs were handed out as the children left the clubhouse. 

Many Thanks to Anna, Carol, Angie, Karen and Martha for coordinating the activities. The weather was cold and the ground was snow covered, but inside everyone's spirits were warm. The planning group did a fantastic job in holding the "Egg Hunt" inside. See below for some pictures of the Easter Bunny and the children. 



Easter Bunny makes his appearance

The Easter Bunny makes his appearance. He's as white as the snow.


Easter Bunny greets the waiting crowd


Easter Bunny poses for picture


Easter Bunny poses for pictures with the children


More picture poses with Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny starts the parade


Bunny parade up driveway to clubhouse


Going up the Club House driveway

Cold day for a parade.


Getting the children groups organized


Bingo Games for the children


Cookies and snacks were served

Easter Bunny posed for pictures


Meet and greet for the adults


Friends share some conversation


More visiting with friends


Plenty of cookies and snacks


Games and activities for the children


Picture taking with the Easter Bunny


Cookies and snacks


Social Hour


Bunny and Helpers getting ready hop along


Bunny Helpers and Organizers for the Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Bunny Helpers thanked everyone for snowing up today




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