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Q1. Who maintains the Pine Lakes facilities and the common properties?

A1. The Pine Lakes Board of Trustees is responsible for maintaining all facilities and common properties. The Association keeps a current maintenance and repair task list and each task is either completed by a trustee, a trustee work team, or contracted out when necessary.

Q2. How often are facilities and common property evaluated?

A2. At a minimum, the trustees conduct a walk through Pine Lakes at least once a year to check on the overall conditions of the facilities and common property.

Q3. How should a Pine Lakes homeowner report a problem or maintenance issue?

A3. Contact any Pine Lakes trustee and identify the location and nature of the problem. Trustee names and phone numbers are listed on the front page of the newsletter or can be found on the Pine Lakes website.

Q4. What do I need to do when I sell my house?

A4. Advise your agent that your home is part of an Association and give your agent the Pine Lakes Treasurer’s name and phone number. This can be found on the front page of the newsletter.

Q5. Do I need to pay my Homeowner’s Dues if I am selling my house?

A5. Yes, you must pay your dues by the due date. The title company will pro-rate the dues between the buyer and the seller at the time of transfer and credit the seller with the unearned portion.

Q6. Who can rent the clubhouse?

A6. Only a Pine Lakes Homeowner can rent the Clubhouse.

Q7. Is there a charge to rent the Picnic Pavilion by the lake on Lake Meadows drive?

A7. Currently there is no charge to reserve the pavilion. It is used on a first come first served basis.



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